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Roofing Sucks

Roofing Sucks

Dear Potential Clients,

The following is CRITICAL INFORMATION that we’ve learned from working with Fortune 500 companies, Public School Districts, and some local Public Municipalities. We are bringing it to your attention here, frankly, because you are being taken advantage of…..ROYALLY!”

Some typical situations we’ve recently run across:

1)  A classic example of a user of PVC and TPO roofing is the Logan City School District.  Their head Facility Manager told us his 16 and 20 year old roofs “are just starting to fail”, while his younger 10 to 13 year old roofs have “already started to fail” and his even younger 9 to 11 year old roofs are IN THE WORST SHAPE – and these were “high spec” $4.50 – $5+ PSF roofs.  The life span of all PVC, as stated in a report surveying 25,000 industrial roofs, showed the average life to be 9.5 years as of today.  WHY SO LOW? It’s PLANNED OBSOLESCENSE – PURE AND SIMPLE.  WANT PROOF?

2)  Ask the Uinta School District.  Six years ago they purchased 4 entire schools worth of “high spec” Flex roofs with the touted DuPont Evaloy K.E.E. plasticizers and now just scraped together the needed CASH to replace the final one this year, after years of problems.  Remember the promise of Hypalon™?  Need I go on?

3) A Fortune 500 Company, the Micron Corporation surveyed their millions of square feet of roofs revealed that none (except the 16 year old+ Sarnafil roofs) last more than 11.4 years MAXIMUM – and some of them even needed repairs to make it that long!!!

IN ALL THESE CASES, it was the struggling economy that has caused companies to shift their focus BACK to doing business the old fashioned way – considering only the INITIAL COST when buying a new roof. ALL OF YOU have become targets in a ploy that’s been going on for so long now that even YOUR ACCOUNTANTS don’t know they’re being used in a profit ‘Shell Game’!

The roofing industry’s 1,600 year old history originally dictated roofs be coated with tar-based products.  Those original heavy old roof systems served their purpose and lasted, with constant re-tarring, 25-30 years.  Tar roof problems seriously accelerated when the U.S. roofing industry learned it could MAKE MORE MONEY by adding fillers to the formulations.  Then rubber-based roofs came along and everyone fell in love with them until they then learned that rubber (EPDM) roofs had inordinately short lives due to ‘unavoidable’ shrinkage.   Two/three decades ago, originating in Germany, along came the ‘plastic’ PVC roof which did not shrink like the original tar or EPDM products but we DID LEARN that they were irreparable after 12-13 years because the U.S. roofing industry again started adding fillers, which leached out and prevented future repairs.

Planned obsolescence has, SADLY, become a mainstay in the American roofing business industry. We KNOW this because repairing these roofs have been a mainstay for 777 and we’ve become experts in the repair, restoration and resurfacing of EPDM roofs, sealing metal roofs and resurrecting those old tar based roofs.


777 Energy Coatings Corp. has put its Bayer renewal roof systems on many Fortune 500, Utah State public schools AND local municipal buildings in Utah.

Our super energy-efficientroof systems SAVE up to 65% in energy savings.

Bayer roofs are ALREADY on a BILLION AND A HALF+ square feet.

Bayer was even chosen for the post-Katrina Superdome rebuild.

We are now EXCLUSIVE reps for the legendary silicone roof (formerly GE’s).

Silicone is – to put it quite simply – the Rolls-Royce of roofing!

Yet its competitive price will surprise those of you who can use it.

REMEMBER THE SUBSTRATE! With the economic uncertainties we’re dealing with, it’s easy to say “the roof can wait”. REMEMBER that internal leaks MEAN YOUR SUBSTRATE IS ALREADY SATURATED…….very soon, the substrate will be REQUIRING a contractor (doublingthe cost?), before you can evenstarton your new roof.

777 Coatings Corporation is….

THE ONLY ROOFER using the SprayBot robotic application system.

For a demonstration video, please go to and put ’777 coatings’ in the search field at top.

THE ONLY ROOFER to use Bayer’s high-density closed-cell foam (“Best in Industry”and the only one with a lifetime warranty).

THE ONLY ROOFER to apply a silicone top coat on all ‘critical’ areas.

There’s a VERY real ROI factor on these roofs that must be factored in.  Our roofs reduce HVAC strain, minimizing equipment failure/replacement.

Due to ENERGY EFFICIENCIES in BOTH winter AND summer, ALL of our roofs usually pay for themselves in LESS than 8 years!

Ours are the only roof renewal systems that can say that.

PLUS, you will actually be doing more to reduce your carbon footprint and SAVE MONEY with 777 Coating’s superior EnergyStar rated roofs than ANY and ALL of the other”green” measures you’re currently taking.   So, this is also a ‘BEST STEP’ environmentally, too.

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