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Always in growth, 777 roofing is plowing new ground with huge flat roofing projects, such as a Berkshire Hathaway owned mega complex and hundreds of others.

777 Coatings Corporation, or 777 Roofs does flat roofs, we resurface all forms of flat commercial roofs, metal roofs, TPO roofs, Hypalon roofs, cap sheet roofs, tar roofs, EPDM roofs (rubber roofs) and all our flat roofs are thermally reflective “cool roofs”.  We also provide the absolute best PVC roofs, such as the IB Systems PVC roofing by 777 Roofing.

As an expert multifaceted roofer and roof resurfacer, 777 Roofs is your best roofing choice on any flat roof surface and in some cases, our roofs may carry a tax advantage over others.  In the case of RC Willey, the decision to resurface with silicone may save them hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash up front, compared to “capital improvements” and the terrible consequences of replacing your flat roof with a “new roof”.  We take flak from the competition when they repeat the old refrain that their roof is a new roof (it’s easier to make up stories with no names and no addresses, than it is to educate oneself).  However, we do membrane roofs also.  If we think a new membrane roof in the right choice, we will suggest one, but if a resurfacing lasts longer for less money, we will go that way as well.  Trust those who do all forms of flat roofs and you will see a long term benefit by working with true experts, rather than great story tellers.

Silicone Roof Coatings

You are entering into the dirty waters of silicone, so I’m going to caution you on a few things to look for.  We only use CFS, the inventor of the system and from a billion dollar company, but not all is similar in the world of silicone.  There are two things to keep an eye […]

Roofing Sucks

Dear Potential Clients, The following is CRITICAL INFORMATION that we’ve learned from working with Fortune 500 companies, Public School Districts, and some local Public Municipalities. We are bringing it to your attention here, frankly, because you are being taken advantage of…..ROYALLY!” Some typical situations we’ve recently run across: 1)  A classic example of a user […]