777 Coatings Corporation is unlike any company you will deal with in this industry. Instead of your typical drunken, uneducated roofers, we offer highly educated, drug tested professionals. We are the co-developer of the resQroof! application management system. And have worked tirelessly to perfect an element of this industry that has no source of information or schooling. Since we are the only reliable source of this information, we have partnered with resQroof! to expand this knowledge throughout the nation.


We currently do national testing for Uniflex, the roofing division of Sherwin Williams. In fact, we only deal with Multibillion dollar chemical giants directly. Only those manufacturers who manufacture the finished product. Conversely, they only deal with us because we have been vetted and trusted with millions in roofing. Want a warranted roof? Often, only 777 can offer a factory warranty on these field tested and proven products.


You don’t always replace your driveway when it has a few cracks in it… Why would you replace a 95% good roof? We offer chemically bound resurfacing systems that don’t require the removal of the existing system, which is often 95% good. Our roofs are thicker, tougher and can be made of materials like silicone, polyurea, Modified Styrenic-Blocked Copolymer, polyurethane, acrylic and a host of products that can’t be pronounced.