777 Coatings Corporation is unlike any company you will deal with in this industry when it comes to a flat roof or low pitched roof.  Instead of your typical, shall we say, lesser educated roofers, we offer highly educated professionals.  What does this mean for your commercial roof?  777 Roofing can select the right product for your specific needs, because we offer all forms of commercial roofing.  What is important to you is what we focus on.  Longer lasting, best possible price, longest warranty.  This is the triple advantage of having your industrial roof looked at by true experienced roofers.  If an IB Systems PVC roof is the right answer, a lower cost Versico TPO or a true silicone roof system.  We can deliver on price, longevity or warranty, regardless of the size of your flat roof.

Want proof?  We are the co-developer of the ResQroof!™ application management system. And have worked tirelessly to perfect an element of this industry that has no source of information or schooling.  Since we are the only reliable source of this information, we have partnered with ResQroof!™ to expand this knowledge throughout the nation, but only to qualified resQroofers.

We also do national testing for Uniflex, the roofing division of Sherwin Williams and others.  In fact, we typically only deal with Multibillion dollar chemical or roofing giants and developers of unique and superior products directly.  Often, we are the only source for many of these exclusive options. 777 only deals with those manufacturers who manufacture the finished product, not just components trusted to batchers.  Conversely, they often only deal with us because we have been vetted and trusted with millions in commercial roofing.  Want a warranted flat roof that will last?  Often, only 777 can offer a full NDL factory warranty on these field tested and proven products. As a for instance, you can have a full factory NDL silicone roof for less than a cheap, low quality PVC or a sketchy TPO roof.  Plus, the benefits keep coming! A pure, 95% solids, silicone roof (watch for inferior copy-cat “siliconized” product or heavy fillers) will last decades beyond any 20 year membrane, while the membrane will be in desperate need of replacement long before the warranty is even up. Do you want a troublesome cheap roof to deal with AGAIN in 20 years, or would you like your roof to just age gracefully, to a point your grandkids have to gladly deal with it?  This option rests only with silicone commercial roofs or the IB System roof and in some cases, an SPF foam roof.

As to resurfacing a flat roof… You don’t always replace your driveway when it has a few cracks in it…  Or, replace the hardwood, because the finish is worn.   Do you replace the drywall when you paint your office or living room? Why would you replace a 95% good commercial roof base?  Sure, the seams may have failed or the surface wore too soon, but this can be a great base and be corrected and improved by our knowledgeable staff. We bridge the seams, wear areas and gussets with engineered products like Kevlar™. We offer chemically bound resurfacing systems that don’t require the removal of the existing system, which is often 95% good.  Since we utilize this 95% good surface, often doubling the thickness, our roofs are thicker, tougher, seamless and can be made of materials like silicone, polyurea, Modified Styrenic-Blocked Copolymer, SPF polyurethane foam, urethane, acrylic and a host of products that can’t be pronounced.  Material that our competition knows nothing about. Their knowledge stops at PVC or for most TPO roof systems.   Those systems, unless one of the top 3, won’t last as long as the warranty and have an 88% chance of leakage in the first 5 years (by survey).  777 roofing does membranes too, like the prized IB System PVC commercial roof with warranties up to 30 years, but there are a dozen entirely different commercial roofing systems out there.  Do you really want to deal with a roofer that only does one of them?

Or, would you feel better about having experts in all forms of roofing systems give you a free quote?

Our motto is “follow the science” smart money always does, so browse, request a white sheet and then give us a call.  Our estimates are free and our information is what you need to avoid a mistake on your flat roof!

A Note on “cool roofs”:  Flat roofs, commercial roofs, metal roofs, TPO roofs, Hypalon roofs, cap sheet roofs, tar roofs, EPDM roofs (rubber roofs), PVC roofs, such as the IB Systems PVC roofing can all be resurfaced with a cool silicone roof or acrylic roof by 777 Coatings Corporation, AKA 777 roofing.  As an expert roofer, supporting cool roofs for decades, 777 roofs is your best roofing choice.