777 roofing is known for flat roofs and commercial roofing, however ResQcedar is a diverse and specialized division of 777 and there is no place that this experience shows more than in the correct treatment of cedar roofs.  Our experience goes back many decades and we dare say, is unmatched.  That, and the need for these services cannot be argued.  Cedar roofs need help to last as long as they should, especially in any higher altitude.  Cedar roofs last twice as long in coastal California as they do in Utah and the expense of replacement is not a good option. Further, the value of your home is always enhanced with a properly maintained cedar roof.

In the treatment of cedar, you can chose between the old ways of applying oil and the modern methods that our customers see as invaluable.  We don’t squirt flammable oils on tinder!  We don’t mix that expensive oil with diesel to lower our cost, to have it simply wash into your garden.  No, we take no shortcuts, so when we are done, the roof is “Class A” fire rated, contains high pressure ceramics for wear and protection of the coating.  These modern methods, outlined in the article (left), do cost more, but they last far longer and the results are much more attractive.  In fact, given the overall effect, the modern methods will always be less expensive.  Have 777’ visit your home and give you a scientific and exact run down of your roofs condition, along with your options, prices and values to properly maintain your roof.  You will find that our Scope of Work is extensive and that the maintenance of a cedar roof will pay for itself.

One of the hallmarks of cedar roofs is the fact that the sunny side will wear away while the shade side looks like new.  If your roof is beyond simple maintenance and we cannot restore your roof, we can offer to replace only what was needed and maintain the older side.  This will allow the cedar roof to last twice as long and still come pretty close to the price of an asphalt roof, which would look out of place on many cedar homes and will lower your property value.  Further, asphalt will not last as long as a well maintained cedar roof.

property value.  Further, asphalt will not last as long as a well maintained cedar roof.