Since 1978, when the concept of “cool roofing” was first given that name, people have pondered over what that exactly means – and they always UNDERESTIMATE the concept..  It’s really simple… If ALL commercial buildings in the U.S. alone had white flat roofs, it would reduce total electrical draw nationwide by 17%.  (AND all of this is daytime power usage-i.e., the most expensive rates!)  White, reflective roofing would also lower the ‘heat island effect’ as stated in this Newsweek article.  Why then, with so many potential company and community benefits, is no one paying attention to this UNNECESSARY WASTE OF MONEY…  YOUR MONEY?

The answer is simply that people are instinctively afraid of change, often not able to break away from habits for rumored “new/better” experiences.  That said, you have found yourself on this page, so ignorance is no longer an excuse for you to hide behind. We make it easy, even exciting and cool……to BE cool…..AND ‘green’!

The assumption is that “going green” costs more.  This is “believed” mostly because of the constant publicity on T.V. or in magazines reinforcing it.  WHO’S PAYING FOR THESE OUTRIGHT LIES? None other than the old school roofing manufacturers, suppliers and contractors who have been fleecing your like all along….and, frankly, the touted results of ‘green’ roofing are so dramatic that many people have a tendency to just not believe them!

777’ has outright saved countless businesses’ substantial sums on their flat roofs and commercial roofs– starting with the ‘initial cost’ of paying for the roof.  Furthermore, long term, annual on-going energy/CASH SAVINGS from a properly installed reflective roofing system often pay for the entire roof before the warranty period is even up, the HVAC equipment will last longer with less maintenance and, finally,the roof is renewable/sustainable, which means that when it comes time to renew your roof, the cost will be less than half the price of maintaining all other roof types. ANY OF 777′s EnergyStar rated renewable roof systems will LAST LONGER and provide you with GREATER CASH SAVINGS long term.  Period!

Unfortunately, while Energy Roof companies like 777′ are trying to gain firmer footing to get their message of a better flat roof across, the corporate roofing titans are in control of the presses THROUGH THEIR WALLETS, so BAD ‘new roofs’ will continue to be justified with WELL PROMOTED LYING for a long time to come.  Roofers and property managers are not likely to change their bad habits, because their information is tainted, so don’t look to them for reality, either. As a “for instance”, many flat roofers will offer a membrane for a metal roof!  If you like rusted roofing and torn edges, go right ahead.  Talk to a true professional at 777 roofing to understand why this is a mistake on your metal roof.

The only counterbalance to this bad information we have to offer are the countless scientific studies done by the likes of Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Oakridge Labs and countless universities-many funded by the DOE.  There are thousands of papers on the subject of cool roofs dating back decades and 100% of them show the same results. You will get a much better roof with MORE UPFRONT CASH SAVINGS and long term COOL BENEFITS on your flat roof from any one of 777′s reflective Energy Roofs.

So the answers to those doubting WHY ‘GREEN’ IS GOOD are right here.  In every case,your building will have lower energy usage, promote worker comfort AND PRODUCTIVITY, with longer life and lower lifecycle costs. The government has recognized ‘building envelope’ upgrades as being paramount and even the Bush administration enacted attractive tax credits and other benefits to bring the public’s thinking around to ‘green WORKS’!

It has been our experience that when shown substantial savings over other options, people can become eco smart, meaning eco-nomic, saving money for themselves, their company and even the world itself.

All flat roofs, commercial roofs, metal roofs, TPO roofs, Hypalon roofs, cap sheet roofs, tar roofs, EPDM roofs (rubber roofs), PVC roofs, such as the IB Systems PVC roofing can all be resurfaced with a cool silicone roof or acrylic roof by 777 Coatings Corporation, AKA 777 roofing.  As an expert roofer, supporting cool roofs for decades, 777 roofs is your best roofing choice for the best cool roof on any commercial roof surface.  Trust the experience of 777 roofing.