We are bringing the idea of a European Roof to the US because of Europe’s architectural beauty, great pricing, rich history and strength against the elements.  Ask for a free estimate today to see how much great roof you can have installed for a lower price than you can imagine.

The European roof is a service installed by our craftsmen.  This is the most popular roof style in Europe, in fact, in over 100 countries. Why?…  Our roofs looks great, lasts a long time and are priced right.  In some colors, it’s spot on for the look of a tile roof, in others, our roof styles can look like a distinctive steel roof and in still other colors, it looks like a deep, rich textured style roof with class.  Since we started, not one person has said anything other than how beautiful our European style roofs are!

Our European roofs are not only competitive with the common options sold locally, but we are able to match and often beat mid level asphalt roofing, which does not have the looks or durability of these gorgeous service options.

The European Roof style installation is designed take a 150 MPH wind and is sold in the coldest markets in the world, even Siberia!  Because if it’s shape, the looks are spectacular, but the fact is, you cannot bend this roof.  Further, it’s thicker and made with an organic base, which US manufacturers ceased because of higher costs years ago.  Remember the shingles from 30 and 35 years ago?  They lasted 30 and 35 years, didn’t they?  This is the superior organic based construction used in our European Roof.  It’s tough, can take a pounding, looks great and has a limited lifetime warranty*.

Our European Roof style is sold exclusively by resQroof certified installers.  It is not a product, but a type of installation that you have to see to believe.  If you have commercial properties or a flat roof, you know resQroof as one of the most popular roofing management systems in industrial roofing.  Trust one thing, if we can waterproof a flat roof, we can exceed all the consumers expectations when installing our European Roof style.  We are expert installers, much more professional that the greatest majority of our competitors and have a fantastic reputation to prove it.

We are promoting and selling the service of installing a European styled roof.  Products may change from time to time, as better installation options become available.  *See manufacturers warranty on the products we use with all terms, limitations and conditions, available from your estimator.