With the tide turning a deep shade of “GREEN”, cities, counties, schools and especially the federal government are turning to more practical solutions, like “cool roofs”.  In fact, all federal building must have 777 roofing’s type of cool roof system within the next decade, depending, of course, on political winds.

It is not always clear, given the “chatter” from traditional roofing companies, what is the right thing to do.  Regardless of what is said, liquid applied and seamless roofing systems have been around for decades and many are substantially more thermally reflective. If your contractor is experienced and your product is proven, then a seamless and thermally superior roof system is always the better choice. 777 roofs are truly green, keep the old roof out of the dump, are totally repairable and sustainable, offer a thicker roof, a continuous warranty that may never end and we have the history, equipment and diverse product line to succeed. 777 roofs are the best choice for many reasons and our products are known and tested for decades in the field, with proven success.

Why did this and other cities choose 777’? As you can see from the pictures, someone else provided a product, but didn’t understand how to apply it. Our methods fully cleaned the surface and our liquid applied membrane works wonders and is a fully adhered cool roof for decades to come.  More importantly, our figures left enough in the budget to roof one whole extra building and the FM still had money left over! Further, 777’ treats you like a valued customer, not a cash cow. Our pricing is the same, regardless of who our valued client may be and charging cities more should simply be illegal, but roofing contractors do.

We are game changers and our roofs give you the full range of options you need to make a quality decision. We do all forms of modern roofing, including the prized IB Systems PVC roof, resurfacing of old roofs, such as TPO roofs, PVC roofs, TroCal roofs, JP Stevens roofs (Hypalon), tar roofs of all kinds and so many more flat roof systems, so if one style does not work for your need, we will honestly tell you and suggest the best alternative. However, under any scenario, we can correctly forecast the time in service and how to best maintain the roof integrity throughout the decades, for the lowest long term roof cost. Roofing makes up 60+% of the cost of maintaining a building over its life. Stop wasting money on one roof at a time. Make a stand and ask for a sustainable system that will last as long as the building does, while cutting your lifetime costs nearly in half.