In the United States, it’s quite typical to replace a worn but functioning asphalt shingle roof with a new asphalt roof. 777 Coatings Corporation has always proposed a more common sense approach, whenever possible.  DON’T think of them as ‘green’ (although they are!)….call them “ECO” choices since both are founded in ECOnomic and ECOlogical realities. This is why we at 777 Coatings are known for AND FOCUS ON roof restorations and renewals rather than the wasteful and more expensive tear-off and replace approach. In your case, we need not purchase a barrel or two of oil to achieve the same end result and the energy savings will pay you to do the right thing- install a roof that will help pay for itself! In my experience, people who have limited ecological mores suddenly become rabid eco-warriors once they find out they can save real money on their ever increasing electrical bills in the summers.

In regards to existing asphalt roofing, we are not the ‘cure all and be all’ of  roofing, but when a roof is still functioning well, only showing signs of simple aging, we have superior solutions at modest prices. Even brand new roofs benefit from the exceptional thermal benefits OF OUR Energy Roofs.  For people reading about this for the first time, your roof is ONLY BEYOND OUR HELP if the shingles have shrunk and curled up or are missing in excess. One thing you can utterly rely on is a truthful assessment from 777’.  Since we warranty ALL OUR WORK, we will not foolishly propose a renewal treatment for a roof which is beyond saving.  If, however, it is the best route, then 777’ will suggest the resurfacing of your roof with a new asphalt roofing solution.  And, we can offer you tens of thousands of color choices.

The two most common reasons for people contacting 777 for their roof upgrades are either a desire to cut their A/C bill or because some sign from above (visibly obvious roof issues) signals them it’s time to START PAYING ATTENTION!  Remember, if your roof’s looking ugly and has missing shingles, IT’S JUST NOT CAPABLE OF DOING ITS JOB MUCH LONGER. Don’t wait until it is too late to resurface.

As to the cooling of a home….. our products offer you a very well documented and scientific approach (see “cool roofs” link below).  777’ offers name brand solutions to permanently extend the life AND MAINTAIN THE VALUE of what is PROBABLY YOUR LARGEST INVESTMENT, your home.  As a reward, you could save up to 65% and more in A/C costs.  Since the deregulation of the electrical monopolies, electricity has skyrocketed!  Remember paying $30 or $60 a month for your electric bill?  Those days are LONG gone and it’s only getting worse. Our system is guaranteed to LOWER YOUR ELECTRIC BILL and our past customers will back us up!

A note about timing …..a roof is the classic “put off” purchase.  The cost is so high for TEARING OFF AND REPLACING a roof…..and the mess is so…..well, messy…..that people avoid the issue until water drips on their computer.  Frankly, most just move the computer since it’s in the way of the bucket. So we have background statistics for our roofing products that will show you a dozen good reasons to consider our services. We’re urging you to FIRST take a moment of reflection and then PROCEED with caution. Don’t wait until it’s too late because, well…..then it WILL be too late, your OPTIONS will not be as many, and THE COSTS of putting your house back in order again WILL DRASTICALLY INCREASE. Our team of highly qualified and experienced application specialists will clearly and simply tell you what your options are for doing the right thing.  We will give you the information you need without pushing or wasting your time.  Order the “white sheet” below if you want the deeper technical knowledge behind our recommendations and then call for an appointment.

777 Coatings Corporation, known as 777 roofs, is the largest and only truly experienced applicator of cool roofs.  Our reputation is undisputed as one of the leaders in customer satisfaction.  Generally, we work on the far more difficult flat roofs and commercial roofs all over this region.  If we can keep them from roof leaks, we can do a fantastic job on your pitched roof.  Allow us to help you save your roof and money now, and into the future.