It’s been 777’s good fortune to represent a HIGHLY REVERED product line – especially in an industry commonly plagued with small manufacturers with limited resources who harm the reputation of all roofers. So it was truly due to 777′s diligence and reputation that we were allowed to represent the Bayer Silicone roofing system in this region- and even then only AFTER A TWO YEAR VETTING PROCESS.

Our first silicone job done were the Convergys buildings in Ogden, UT., referred to us by CB Richard Ellis & Co. property management.  Why?  A silicone roof is seamless and is many times more resistant to water intrusion (after all, the number one reason to put a roof on).  Plus, it gave them a roof that will last twice as long as a TPO or other choices and they could leave their old roof in place, keeping it out of the landfill.  Further, it’s very thermal reflective and qualifies the user for preferential tax treatment and maybe even outright CASH!

Not all silicone is the same

Unfortunately, we are again bracing ourselves for the ‘me too’ generation that will rush in to compete with 777’ by using something with the word “silicone” in it. Silica is the most common element on earth. MERELY the use of the word silicone, “siliconized”, etc., and any suggestion that in and of itself silicone IS EVEN EFFECTIVE as a water based product IS JUST PLAIN WRONG!  Is finely ground sand, mixed with some acrylic resins a silicone?  Of course not, but you must be wary and defend your company from this graft.

To understand why these ‘also ran’ companies choose not to make or apply a true silicone, you need to understand two things: First, the manufacture of true silicone can never have even a hint of air and/or moisture in the raw stage, manufacturing process, packaging, distribution or even the application set-up.  This proves to be daunting, potentially wasteful and very expensive. Second, the shelf life of silicone is very limited.  (Using the standard roofing distribution model leaves silicone on a pallet for months at a time.)  This distribution quandary is what forces manufactures to make something they can say is “like” silicone – BUT IT’S NOT TRULY SILICONE.  PERIOD.  And silicone is a very difficult product to apply and this too can lead to real problems on the job.  There is no more trusted or qualified contractor than 777’ in the intermountain west.

If your building’s flat roof situation seems a problematic challenge, don’t worry.  Consider becoming another happy ‘777’ Coatings’ or 777 roofing, flat roof owner, as 777 Roofs can be a game changer and our flat roof resurfacing is the final option in the full range of options you need to help make a quality decision. We do all forms of modern roofing, in fact, we are the only ones, including the prized IB Systems PVC roof or a good TPO flat roof.  Ever wondered why everyone offers the same roof?  Are there no others, or are the roofers only educated in one style?  We also do flat roof resurfacing of old commercial roofs, such as TPO roofs, PVC roofs, TroCal roofs, JP Stevens roofs (Hypalon), tar roofs of all kinds and so many more flat roof or commercial roof systems, so if one style does not work for your exact need, we will honestly tell you and suggest the best alternative. However, we can always forecast the time of estimated service and how to best maintain the commercial roof integrity throughout the decades, for the lowest long term flat roof cost. Flat roofing makes up 60+% of the cost of maintaining a commercial building over its life. Stop wasting money on one roof at a time. Make a stand and ask for a sustainable system that will last as long as your commercial building does, while cutting your lifetime roof costs nearly in half.  If you need to estimate your roof cost, feel free to contact us and we can give you a run-down of what commercial roofs or flat roofs cost.  Every type of commercial roof option they make! Thanks