This sixty year old flat roof building with an EPDM roof houses a local favorite restaurant and deli (complete with ‘cheese cave’) and is owned by a very environmentally considerate person who’s a celebrity in his own right.  When given the option of going ‘green”, he quickly and definitively demonstrated that he indeed had the guts to go ‘green’ on this commercial roof.  ‘777’ Coatings, aka 777 roofs recently completed the third (and final) flat roof section to the owner’s complete satisfaction.  This celebrity restaurateur hasn’t looked back.  He concentrates fully on his fantastic food and service, confidently saying goodbye to further flat roof problems by using a seamless, sustainable energy-saving roofing system that is fully warranted and managed by 777’. This includes regular inspections and 24 hour service.

Older buildings offer a host of issues, concerns and surprises.  This building was no different.  The first flat roof section we had to cover was a real challenge, but in the end we were able to deliver a problem free, SEAMLESS roof that was sustainable, repairable and saving energy, all at the same time!  The last of his flat roofs was sealed tightly before winter struck and was finished in the spring, cutting his out of pocket expense while still delivering a leak free roof.  We call it ‘Phased Completion’ and we can do the same for your commercial roof.  All you have to do is ask.

Further, after years of good service, with never a leak or delay, we have been referred to another land owner to re-roof 777’s clients’ new restaurant location with a traditional TPO roof, a common roofing membrane and again, a fully managed roof system warranty.  We also carry the impressive and likely best roof you can buy, the IB Systems PVC roof.  A commercial roof worth looking at.

If your old building’s roof situation seems a problematic challenge, don’t worry.  Consider becoming another happy ‘777’ Coatings’ flat roof owner, as 777 Roofs can be a game changer and our flat roof resurfacing gives you the full range of options you need to help make a quality decision. We do all forms of modern roofing, including the prized IB Systems PVC roof, resurfacing of old flat roofs, such as TPO roofs, PVC roofs, TroCal roofs, JP Stevens roofs (Hypalon), tar roofs of all kinds and so many more flat roof or commercial roof systems, so if one style does not work for your need, we will honestly tell you and suggest the best alternative. However, under any scenario, we can correctly forecast the time in service and how to best maintain the roof integrity throughout the decades, for the lowest long term roof cost. Flat roofing makes up 60+% of the cost of maintaining a commercial building over its life. Stop wasting money on one roof at a time. Make a stand and ask for a sustainable system that will last as long as your commercial building does, while cutting your lifetime roof costs nearly in half.  If you need to estimate your roof cost, feel free to contact us and we can give you a run down of what commercial roofs or flat roofs cost.  Thanks