Here is your first consideration…  Your old roof lasted maybe 30 years, but it was real asphalt. A new “tar” flat roof often contains more dirt and other fillers in the formula than it does asphalt, so the average life today is 12.5 years, not 30 (gov’t stats), no kidding. So you sort of lucked out so far, but unfortunately it won’t continue into these new membrane roofs today.  The sales pro who is hawking asphalt, won’t tell you this.  He will rely on outdated life-spans and your own successful history, but do your due diligence and you will easily find the above statistic.  Don’t feel bad either.  Even the proudest name in the industry of PVC membrane roofs is selling their collective soul for fast profits and a future sale of the company (before the warranty problems hit).  Sika Sarnafil

The only thing that can seal around anything like tar once did, is Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofs.  For those with T&G roofs, SPF is a good option. Why?  75% of all new roofs leak within the first 5 years and 96.5% of all roofs leak within the second decade. 4.5% of all roofs are foam and only 2.2% of all foam roofs have ever leaked, half of which are over 27 years old. You cannot afford to move your building to the front of the 75% line, so all of the membrane styles are a shortsighted waste of money.  SPF foam roof is also the finest insulation you can find and it’s easy to put it on a roof.  It’s hard to put it inside an existing structure.

When 65% of a buildings lifetime maintenance is the cost of replacing and maintaining flat roofs, you need to look at your commercial roof as an ongoing expense. Wasting good money on a new TPO roof, for instance, will lead not only to disappointment, but also to much higher reoccurring expenses overall.  Asphalt based roofs used to be the lifespan leaders, but they have been easily replaced by SPF roofs, which costs less, lasts longer and won’t maintain a fire hazard on your building.  Further, the fact is that you are also installing the best possible insulation available, bar none.  SPF roofs will all pay for themselves in short order.

For those who wish to stay on the less costly route, 777 roofs can install a quality TPO, IB Systems PVC membrane roof or apply a Western Colloid emulsion roof with full reinforcement and either a silicone or acrylic topping.  All of these are good flat roof options, but keep in mind that 777 roofs is the only company locally that does all forms of roofs, so we are the standard bearer of honest information about the best options for your roof.

One last thing:  The application of cool roofs can save money and extend the life of you expensive A/C equipment on any flat roof or increase productivity as it commonly lowers the interior temps by 25 degrees and more.  777 roofing resurfaces and restores flat roofs, commercial roofs, industrial roofs, metal roofs, TPO roofs, Hypalon roofs especially JP Stevens, cap sheet roofs, tar roofs, EPDM roofs (rubber roofs) and “mod bit” or BUR roofs, PVC roofs, Astec roofs, TroCal roofs, Armstrong roofs and “the world’s best roof” (when it wears out sooner than advertised) Duro-Last or Durolast roof.  Instead of overhyped poorly manufactured roofs, 777 provides the absolute best PVC roofs, such as the IB Systems PVC commercial roofing installed by 777 Coatings Corporation, AKA 777 roofing.  As a multifaceted industrial roofer, 777 roofs is your best roofing choice on any flat roof surface.  Since we do all types of commercial roofs, which nobody else does, we will steer you to the right choice for your flat roof, your roof condition and your roofing budget.