At 777 Coatings we ‘can’ also do a “modern”* or common type of rolled, thermal welded roof and will be glad to discuss this option with anyone if they so choose – and we CAN promise you an eye-opening and enriching conversation chock full of PROVABLE facts.  That said, there is a time and place for everything and since our experience is much broader than traditional roofers with old school methodology, our arsenal of roofing products, services and application techniques are like-wise much more comprehensive. We may even suggest a few new choices and/or application procedures you are unaware of.

Something you should know right up front. National statistics show that75% of all old school types of new roofingwill leak in the first 5 years, most on the day of your roof’s first rain storm. Literally 100% of those leaks are at seams and other transitions. No warranty covers seams, so you’re going to have to trust your repairs to YOUR roofer, not HIS manufacturers.  Make sure you look at all your options carefully.

The fact is, after years of seeing a dramatic decline in single ply membranes, 777 will no longer recommend any of them.  Based on seeing hundreds of failed PVC roofs with their myriad of surface cracks and horrid end results (many less than a decade old), we are not interested in PVC and will NOT put our good name on any PVC roof.  As for TPO, you may ask “is there a right or wrong…..a better or worse”? The simple fact is there is no such thing as a ‘better’ TPO roof.  (TPO is simply the all American answer to the European developed PVC.)  It was never designed to be better.  Rather,it was designed to be a lower price productand to drive out the competition!  It worked, so how do they do this?  TPO is based on industrial waste products and fillers, none of which improve your potential purchase.  The basic make-up of TPO and PVC does not allow any room for the chemical modifications it would take to improve them-regardlessof what any manufacturer may say.  Finally, the average life, based on surveyed results of 25,000 roof owners, is a paltry decade.  We don’t care how cheap it is…..this is a poor choice and the temporary high from saving a few bucks will be replaced by some worrisome nights in the near future.

Therefore, your three most important considerations should be: 1)thickness, 2)specific usage, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, 3)what are the long term issues?

Thickness:This is directly related to how long a roof will last. It is always a bargain to purchase a thicker product when you consider that labor costs remain the same.

Specific usage:  No other roofing company in the intermountain west can offer the range of products that 777 Coatings can.  Most roofers can only offer one or two product choices; usually they’re chemically closely related and often do mostly the same thing.

Long Term Issues:  How long are you keeping or using the building?  Resurfacing represents a significant segment of 777 Coating Corporations market.  The question of renewal options should always be a major consideration since the specific roof systemand the way it is installed are important factors in determining the EASE and COST of ALL future maintenance. Roofing only represents a 5% to 7% initial cost of construction, but it represents between 60% and 65% of all maintenance costs for your structure.  This cost is on the rise as roofing becomes more of a headache, so work with 777 to determine the best materials if you must use a single ply or explore your other options more fully.

777 Coatings has access toa number of distinct roofing alternatives,ALL FROM TOP MANUFACTURERS……..they are specifically suited to the unique needsof EACH ROOF’S CURRENT CONDITION.

SO……who are YOU going to trust to keep all your equipment, computers, phone systems, inventory packaging and people dry?

*When we say “modern”, 777’ only works with thermal plastics and would never do a new EPDM rubber roof any more than we would do an old fashioned tar roof.  Both tar and EPDM are old technologies that always fail in a dozen years and leave a heat signature that can be seen from space (seeNews Weekarticle).  Don’t take this wrong, we like EPDM and tar paper roofs, since these represent the majority of our repair and recoating work, followed closely by the old school tar and gravel or mod/bit roofs.  We owe our business to old technology, but we would never ‘use’ old technology ourselves.