EPDM, a form of synthetic rubber roofing, is made up of mainly ethylene and propylene. A small amount of diene is added to it, which causes the rubber roof to increase in flexibility. Unfortunately, the industry does to this what they do to everything else, they add fillers…  Lots of fillers and this makes an inferior product.  Never the less, the rubber for most EPDM roofs is a 50 year product, but the glue is a 13 to 18 year product.  Therein lies the problem with this form of flat roof.

EPDM rubber has the longest average roof life of all single ply, rolled roofing membranes, but nearly half of that life is plagued with problems related to shrinkage, glue that won’t last and caulk that fails in 9 years or less.  So the roof “sheet” itself will last 50 years, but seams pulling apart as the glue fails, boots tearing, edging pulled from walls, huge holes and wet insulation are the norm after 13-15 or so years. The good news is that this roof is one that can be resurfaced with silicone and when we are done, this is truly the finest, seamless roof in existence, for a fraction of the cost of replacing with a “new” roofing system.  We will get those sideways comments from competition that simply does not know how to install or apply these modern flat roofs, but no new membrane can outlast this seamless commercial roof resurfacing, no matter how much you spend on a roof or what your roof budget is.

Let there be no misunderstanding. Your existing EPDM roof, once properly fitted and resurfaced with a seamless silicone commercial roof or industrial roof is the very best roof in existence, period. There is no other roof, aside from SPF, that can last longer and a “new” roof will prove to be a disaster in a disappointingly short time. Trust the combination of a 50 year track record of EPDM, 40+ year track record of silicone and our unequaled track record and an undisputed source of quality workmanship and leading edge roof information, that is 777 roofs. Again, this is a roof system that is so complicated to ascertain that we strongly suggest asking for our White Sheet on EPDM roofs, which we provide for free to commercial roof or flat roof owners.

As a side note:  The application of a thermally reflective cool roof can save money and extend the life of you expensive A/C equipment atop your flat roof.  777 roofing resurfaces and restores flat roofs, commercial roofs, industrial roofs, metal roofs, TPO roofs, Hypalon roofs, cap sheet roofs, tar roofs, EPDM roofs (rubber roofs) and “mod bit” or BUR roofs.  We also provide the absolute best PVC roofs, such as the IB Systems PVC commercial roofing installed by 777 Coatings Corporation, AKA 777 roofing.  As a lone multifaceted industrial roofer, 777 roofs is your best roofing choice on any flat roof surface.  Since we do all types of commercial roofs, which nobody else does, we will steer you to the right choice for your flat roof, your conditions and your budget.








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