Our “way” works, offers longer life, lower leakage rates, saves you energy costs and costs less money, period. How we arrive there is different than any other you will see, period!

We at 777 deliver the best possible roofing solution for your exact needs. This has to include budget and expected life.

Average service life in yearsFunny thing is, most roofers cannot give you an accurate estimate on lifespan because they really don’t know. They may mimic something the manufacturer had said, but this is not a trusted well from which to draw your knowledge. However, giant surveys have been performed and architects, large property owners, building engineers and universities have millions of pages of online information, which show every detail of a problem throughout America that will affect you directly… Massive roof failures caused by planned obsolescence, poor workmanship and an utter lack of morals.

Now, if you thought this was going to be a fluff piece on the virtues of 777, you may be surprised to find it more a snuff piece against a truly incompetent, deceitful and somewhat monstrous industry.

Throughout the 90’s, the principals of 777 provided what might be called traditional roofs, the same you may be offered today, time and time again. This was in northern Michigan, where snow and cold are a near Canadian reality. Northern Michigan is an information island, surrounded by lakes and totally protected from good information. Many states are similar. It might be an ocean or mountains or a desert, but isolation and small populations can be a manufacturer’s best friend. A building owner or manager needs to ask if a manufacturer is your best friend. They better be, because there is a good chance these fellows are going to slip between your sheets and show you what their collective idea of friendship is. There are a lot of really dirty industries that one could have poor thoughts about, but the roofing industry is special. Crooked to the core, greedy manufacturers found a virtual Nirvana, where customers believe the roofers and roofers don’t have a personal thought in their pretty little uneducated heads.
Why is 777 different? The technical reasons would include that we look at the roofs needs along with your budget and expectations and we offer multiple solutions, each with a different outcome, science, history, price, etc. However, that’s not the real answer. That answer is simple. We strive to get you the most roof for your money, period! How? We guide you through the maze of crap you are being offered, solve your problem and then back it up. We can say from experience that this is not the norm.
There is not “one” roof option. When a roofer offers the same TPO roof as the last guy, saying it is different than the others, yet it looks like it came off the same loom, something is terribly wrong. When JM and Firestone still offer EPDM rubber roofs when the glue (that did such a poor job of holding it together in the past), is outlawed by the EPA, there is truly something wrong. Have you been offered an asphalt based solution? Asphalt is NOT pure anymore! It is cut with between 40% to 60% filler, which is just dirt, so when the lifespan average, by survey of roof owners, dropped from 30+ years to 13 years, did the roofer mention this? There we go again, there is something really wrong here, but there are solutions. In fact, there are fascinating products out there, based on science and seeking better outcomes for you, the consumer.

Our days in Michigan offered nothing new, but we knew of fantastic roofs like silicone, which, of course a silicone roof is better than most anything. You know that without knowing anything about roofs, so we knew it, but only one contractor and GE had that all sewed up, so we could only dream. However, when we set up shop in the west, silicone became available to better roofers through Bayer and we passed the test. In fact, with all our lines, we offer the best from huge players and they offer us exclusivity because our record of customer satisfaction is unmatched.

So, is silicone for you? Chances are, it’s not (order a white sheet to find out). I don’t wish to be a tease, but some science works on some roofs, but no science works on all roofs. This is why people hire us, this is the way we see the future happening (it’s happening now), this is the right way to do roofs and this is the right way to run a business, both from a moral stance and from a business stance.

So, our way works, offers longer life, lower leakage rates, saves you energy costs, costs less money, period and we back you and our choice up, every time.

That’s the 777 way.